*ULTRA 150-130                           


Shred Master, for any rider looking for real improved superior performance and knows the difference when they find it.

 If you contact shops that do not offer this Ultra 150 Shred Master Ride Plate you can now contact us directly.   We have been the #1 handling solution for over a decade out performing all other ride plates as shown below.   Don't settle for something just setting on a shelf that is only sold for large shop profits not performance.

"The Shred Master ride plate, is the best aftermarket ride plate our race team has tested on the Ultra 150.   It not only increases top speed by over 1 mph, but it also improves handling.  We have recommended it to many racers over the past years."
Joe Heim
Kawasaki Jet Ski Race Team Manager 

Shred Master ride plates, best of all, it's a truly unique unit, not just a slightly reworking of a product currently on the market.   A natural "V" shape and whether they're the only company to hand finish their products or not, those products definitely work.                                                                       Personal Watercraft Illustrated Magazine





    This is a special order ride plate, watercraft that is no longer in production we do not stock ride plates for.   Plus handmade the way we make them takes between 6-8 hour each to make from casting to finish.   At times it can be up to 10 BUSINESS days before shipping some busy times of the year even longer.

Extremely Ultra Important        

This ride plate produces a 100% straight high speed tracking line in all water conditions.  This is crucial due to the Ultra's fast speed yet lack of handing control especially in rough water.  And essential for once the Ultra leaves the water (boat wake hop, etc) this V" bottom ride plate commands an imperative straight tracking line immediately upon water contact (no squirliness, drift or 90 degree unwanted out-of-control high speed Ultra hull possessed hook turn) just hammer down action now!   

      No other handling component can accomplish this function!  Not sponsons (which are out of the water on a straight tracking line by 4" to 10" inches, variation due to design) or an intake grate (which is only designed to load the pump).  Only advanced directional "V" bottom ride plate technology can accomplish this handling function!   Why, first because the ride plate is  always in contact with the water and second because the unique patented "V" on the bottom of this Shred Master ride plate commands directional control of an Ultra in all water conditions.

     You will find as hundreds of riders worldwide already know, once on this Ultra Shred Master ride plate you will immediately know, "Your not firing-off your Ultra rocket without the tail fins anymore"!

    Fundamental Improvement, eliminates all porpoising!  Hull pitch angle is controlled by a very long tail ride plate, which corrects and maintains the hulls pitch plane angle.  The long tail ride plate additionally assists the increasing "V" bottom surface for lift.      

    Fastest holeshot on the market, as proven by many boat lengths, time and time again!  Ballistic speed right from the start, created by a unique lifting patented "V" bottom design.  This allows this the Ultra to accelerate faster, quicker holeshots, and more acceleration speed out of the turns.  On plane in less than 2 feet, and faster out of the turn than in.   

   Imperative Functions, this "V" bottom design eliminates tail sliding and hull drifting turns at all speeds!  In addition, "NO" flat sliding before violent aftermarket sponson catch.  This is accomplished by 3-point triangulated cutting edge!  "V" bottom ride plate design holds the directional line until lean-over sponson catch.  

    Faster Speeds   Due to this ride plates unique lifting effect, created by a transitional increase of the "V" from its front to tail water contact surface.  The increasing "V" down pressure on the water allows the ride plate to a degree, to hydroplane the Ultra hull (ride higher out of the water), in turn this reduction of water contact allows for less water resistance to the hull.  This patented utility of hydrodynamic design in turn produces faster acceleration and faster overall top speeds for the Ultra.       

   Rough Water   This ride plate's hydrodynamic design which allows the hull to ride higher out of the water, bow slightly up, not pulled down, suppressed, and plowing the water like a tug-boat, further allows for less rough water contact to the hull.  In turn a more relaxed ride, no more death grip numb fingers and clamped on bruised inside knees from rough water hull hunting fear.  Just a comfortable cutting edge "V" bottom ride, straight as an arrow as needed in rough water. 

    Testing Conditions   This Ultra ride plate was designed and tested in normal water conditions, (8:00am) to rough afternoon chop.  And produces an overall smooth water 1.3+ mph increase in speed and the rougher the water the faster it will go.  See PWI magazine test below for accredited professional WORLD CLASS PRODUCT evaluation. 

       Note:  Speed test on this ride plate are conducted by advanced recreational to accredited world class championship racers on stock Ultra's to Pro Class 80+ mph race boats, (race boat info is available).  Testing is done "ONLY" in normal water riding conditions.  "ABSOLUTELY NO" 6:00am mirror glass pond testing here!  As we realized 15 years ago, R & D testing must be performed in normal water riding conditions or  whoever's testing claims, will do you no good!   


                                                    A shred master ultra world champion  

                                       Eric Francis the 2001 Novice Runabout 1200 Stock world champion         


                                      SHRED MASTER PERFORMANCE



  MANUFACTURES STATEMENT WITHOUT HESITATION!  THIS IS, the most multi-functional aftermarket product you can buy for your Ultra 150-130, and it is offered to you at the lowest of aftermarket modification prices.  Triple Pipe, Triple Carbs, Stainless Pump, each between $2,000 to $2,600.  Needed performance, prop or sponsons $179 to $265 or more)!   


 Above is a photo taken by a happy customer which clearly shows by a clausal visual inspection how well a Shred Master Ride Plate fits the hull of an Ultra.   Note: no gaps between the pump shoe area of the ride plate and the hull = no need for silicone glue as fill.   And a perfect flush surface off the back of the intake grate onto ride plate = no step to inherit more porpoising.   Plus this is the highest quality A356 aircraft aluminum casting which is then meticulously hand tuned to World Championship Class that has been twice allowed U.S. Patents on the original "V" bottom ride plate and is obviously the most tested ride plate in the world by the best accredited riders that exist (see above). 

   And as stated above this ride plate is the original "V" bottom ride plate.  Not some Johnny come lately abstract imitation of a Shred Master "V" bottom.   Due to companies with so-called designers that are incapable of creating there own original design, so they do what they have always done, make a watered-down imitation.   Also it is "absolutely NOT" just another commercial aftermarket knock-off "Pump Cover", that is only marketed by large flashy ads and by offering dealers large profit margin to dump it on you!  This plate is made in the old craftsman's way, it is hundreds of hours of Research & Development time spent to create an original and unique patented custom handcrafted "V" bottom ride plate (see patent claims) .   This ride plate will positively increase the handling characteristics of the your Ultra no matter whatever the water conditions!  Here you will know that your Ultra has a Shred Master ride plate on it in the first 50 feet!                                                                               



Shred Master Carving Edge "V" Ride Plate Hand-Crafted in the USA with pride. 

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