also works great on 750sxi-pro 

Shred Master, for any rider looking for real improved superior performance and knows the difference when they find it.

customer response 

Bob, Shred Master Performance
    I received the ride plate for my SXR-800 on Weds., put it on, and went out Sat. & Sun. in some of the nastiest conditions Iíve seen in months.   The Gulf started out as all chop coming from every different direction in the morning but it finally laid down to great 4 ft. rollers in the afternoon, a good test for your ride plate.   My buddy was out with his SXR, so we had something to compare.   He has one of your main competitors grate and plate and we both agreed that his ski turns pretty good but it had problems coming back to center, it felt like it was sticking and you really had to work to get it back.   Your plate on the other hand was super easy to turn, stayed hooked up in the worst chop and came back to center as easy as it went over.   It never slid out and it was the best ride plate I have been on.   Everything you say your plate does is true, I could not be happier with my decision to buy it.   Oh, and my friend was so impressed that he will be calling you soon to place his order.
Thanks again for a great product!

Hello Shred Master
   This is Ollivier Guiot, I'm a friend of John and Doug Silverstein.  We spoke awhile back about your Shred Master SX-R ride plate on SXI-PRO.   I finally installed it and it hooks really nice better than all the other ride plates I have tried.   The rear stays planted in the turns and goes good in the chop and in fast sweepers it really works well, really happy with it.   This particular SXI-PRO has front sponsons and hull extensions in the rear, best ride plate I've tried.   You should advertise it for SXI-PRO as well as SX-R this boat rails like an SX-R now great!
Ollivier Guiot

*********** WORLD  FINALS ************


If you desire more than just a flat turning SX-R that won't turn deep along with a smooth and effortless rollover in and out of the turns (no stick or hesitation up-righting) then this hard carving extremely deep leaning "V" ride plate is made for you.  Additionally, phenomenal acceleration out of the turns no hop followed by a strong high speed straight tracking-line in all water conditions with a consistent nose riding attitude that cuts through rough water conditions like no other.    

Once tried you will know within minutes no other ride plate on the market can compare to the effortless natural lean, tight cornering smooth rollover and positive tracking-line this "V" ride plate delivers in any water conditions, glass, normal to race rough.   Along with all the other handing functions it improves listed below including fastest and most consistence speed produced it is the best handling performance product on the market hands down.  

And don't be fooled by the new to the game cheap knock-off' kings reverse engineered claims.   A flat bottom is a flat ride plate a concave is just that and anything with a central "V" protruding below the ride plates planning surface from to back is a "V" bottom ride plate.  No matter what they call it or if rounded, sharpened, increased or decreased in angle it is original Shred Master technology and not an imitation of the well proven US patented design.   This V" bottom ride plate is guaranteed the original "V" or "V" with fins backed by two US Patents and was first introduced in 1989.

    If a company does not show this (CLICK above) you may not be racing at the race you attend.  Just because a company claims "Race Legal" even though reviewed by someone claiming to be a short-term IJSBA representative without this "Official IJSBA documented letter" there is a liability problem with the ride plate you are riding.  And obviously the ride plate will not be protected by the race insurance at the race site and you will be responsible.  



NOTE:  We are right now in production only on one model of ride plates for the 800 SX-R.  There are two versions one from high-grade 356A aircraft aluminum and temporary out-of-stock right now the composite model due to the high cost of high grade composite materials. 

"Pro 1 Model", comes with a satin natural aluminum finish, all surfaces will be straightened bolt hole bosses will be surfaced level at all four attachment points and then precision drilled.   Additionally the bottom surface will be machine sanded and all edges hand-tuned for more bite in the turns.   One big advantage by hand tuning this aluminum model is that it can be tuned for individual riding styles and riders height and weight where the the composite model is made for a very advance racing style.

"Pro 2 Model" the original composite carbon fiber model for advance riders that knows where they want to go and in search of an extreme increase in handling and overall speed to get there faster.  Made from high-grade epoxy aircraft resins, numerous layers of hefty fiberglass up to 18 layers total in the bolt holes along with six layers of carbon fiber.   This ride plate is designed to have 13 to 15 mm of more down nozzle lowering area for faster holeshots and better nose attitude coming out of rough water turns.   Further a flex agent in the high-grade epoxy resins allows the ride plate to adjust the planning surface in fast turns by preloading the flex thus phenomenal leaping acceleration out of the turns
NOTE:  (This model "Pro 2" will now only be sold direct from the manufacture on a pre-paid reserved basis's due to the (5) hours of time needed to manufacture each composite ride plate and recent increase in composite material cost as told due to the US war.



Shred Master ride plates are not just economically finished by ball-burnishing or cheaper power coated to hide imperfections for fast production that will start coming off in a few months.  These Shred Master ride plates are 356A aircraft aluminum and truly hand tuned.   And when we say hand tuned if you can not see the work its just another advertising story by some highly questionable company.


Final testing on this composite ride plate used by several riders now confirms numerous increases within the first few minutes.  

Effortless tight deep carving turns without tail slide or hop along with a smooth transitional rollover with no hesitation, no catch caused by overkill fins holding your rollover back.  

Great for stock, limited or super stock SX-R's not limited to one class.

Fastest ride plate on the market in all water conditions.

A strong high speed sweeper turn (no problems leaning into initiate the turn) no reason to back off by holding a great tracking line.  Just dive into the turn hard clamp the hammer at the apex of the turn and stay hammer down turning hard from the tail of the SX-R for up to a 30 to 60 feet of effortless rollover before riding flat on the water again. 

A 100% straight-line high speed tracking in all conditions, smooth, normal and race rough.   No chine hunting side to side zig-zag lateral movement down a straight away or hull drift due to the larger chine's of the SX-R especially in rough water conditions.   And this "V" bottom ride plate design is the only component that can do this due to it is always in contact with the water at the lowest and central point of the hull at the tail and "V" shaped.   No intake grate or side sponsons can give you straight-line high speed tracking, anyone telling so is just trying to sell you something you do not need.

A strong and consistent hull riding attitude at all times, no nose rise coming out of the turns or hop in any water conditions = Stronger acceleration out of turns and overall speed by the combination of correct nose attitude and strong "V" tracking-line..  

A very smooth and relaxed rough water ride with more positive control all from a carving "V" bottom surface.  

And best, better turning with no tail slide or drift on a Ski that is well known for the tail braking loose in fast and tight turns = No unwanted throttle shut down time from tail slide= No lost of a tracking-line = No pump unhooking or hop out of the turn = Just much faster, much tighter and much smoother deep turns = faster lap times.  

There is more to riding a Kawasaki SX-R than basically standing straight up forward in the tray position on top of the intake grate and turning it like you're driving a truck.   Old style Super Jet and 750SXi-Pro handling setups on a Kawasaki SX-R will only cause wider drifting turns the faster you go along with a zig-zag lost of the high speed straight-line tracking......  That is what this ride plate is built for with a carving tail edge "V" needed to lean deep to rail turns and track straight like the 800SX-R Kawasaki Jet Ski was intended to do.


Main two World Champion test riders and race tested by >>                                                                                         Jeff Jacobs                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dan Fitzgerald